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China to promote 5G industrial applications

(ATF) China will accelerate the development of its information technology, particularly the internet and 5G applications, in order to support the growth of hundreds of other industrial sectors. 

The country will expedite new infrastructure development, including information networks, in an effort to boost industrial and consumption upgrades, said the State Council after an executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang. 

“Enhancing new infrastructure development, including information networks, is a proactive approach to boost effective investment. Online home office and telemedicine enabled by information technology have played a big role in the Covid-19 response,” Li said.

Accelerating the development of information networks and other new infrastructure could catalyze the growth of many sectors, the State Council said. The initiative will contribute to industrial upgrades, foster new growth drivers and create more jobs, meeting current needs and serving long-term interests. 


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