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China’s Huawei Plans to Leave Russian Market – Novinite

Chinese tech giant plans to leave the Russian market, according to a report by Novinite.com in Bulgaria, which cited Izvestia and said the company had stopped direct deliveries to the country

Huawei is planning to leave the Russian market, sources have told Izvestia.
Earlier this year, it was reported that Huawei scaled back operations in Russia to avoid being hit by more sanctions imposed by the West over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. File photo: Reuters.


Chinese tech giant Huawei plans to leave the Russian market, according to a report by Novinite.com in Bulgaria, which cited Russia’s Izvestia and sources that said the company had “already completely stopped all direct deliveries to the Russian Federation of smartphones, as well as the import of tablets, laptops, TVs and other devices.”

It quoted sources as saying that Huawei stopped selling cellular base stations in the spring, following reports that the Chinese group scaled back operations to avoid Western sanctions imposed on Moscow because of the war in Ukraine and the closure of its official stores at the beginning of June.

The Izvestia report quoted Telecom Daily CEO Dennis Kuskov as saying “Huawei has moved its employees to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and they will definitely not be returning in the near future.” But it noted that “there are at least three ways to import products of departed brands into the country” and that “Huawei does not exclude deliveries to Russia through distributors”.

Read the full report: Novinite.com.


NOTE: This report was updated with further details on November 1, 2022.



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