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China’s Suzhou Launches Robot EV Charging System – Pandaily

Suzhou Power Supply Company is the first in China set up an automated charging system for electric vehicles

A fixed Volkswagen EV charging point at the Auto Shanghai show earlier this year. Suzhou's new chargers will be brought to the car by a robot. Photo: Reuters

State-owned Suzhou Power Supply Company has launched China’s first automated EV charging system in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, according to a report by Pandaily.

The service works by getting car owners to scan a nearby code with their phone, the report explained, which signals a robot to grab an idle charging pile and move it to the rear of the electric vehicle.

Read the full report: Pandaily


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Alfie Habershon

Alfie is a Reporter at Asia Financial. He previously lived in Mumbai reporting on India's economy and healthcare for data journalism initiative IndiaSpend, as well as having worked for London based Tortoise Media.


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