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Coupon payments pare China bond gains

(ATF) China bonds have begun the week on a positive note, with the ATF ALLINDEX index family of ages mostly higher.

The ATF ALLINDEX Financial index had to contend with bonds paying away their coupons, which lowered the index by 0.17%. Without the coupons payments the index would have been in positive territory. It closed at 117.58.

Since the flagship index ATF China Bond 50 contains one of those maturing financial bonds, the gauge retreated 0.03% and erased its gains from Friday. The index finished at 108.11.

The ATF ALLINDEX Enterprise index added 0.02% and ended at 103.15.

The biggest gain was posted by the ATF ALLINDEX Corporate measure, which climbed 0.04% and is now at its highest points since crossing the 100 level at the end of April. The index closed at 100.21.

One of the bonds in the ATF ALLINDEX Local Government gauge ended 1.57% lower and dragged the index down 0.06% to 117.75.


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