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Impact of Floods in China From Typhoon Doksuri Rises

Doksuri left a swathe of damage in Beijing and eastern China – over 60,000 homes collapsed, while 95,000 hectares of crops and over 280 bridges were ruined, along with vast stretches of road.

Extreme weather damage in China exceeds $5.7bn, with over 60 killed.
A view of damaged cardboard boxes at Baixiang packaging products factory after the rains and floods brought by remnants of Typhoon Doksuri, in Zhuozhou, Hebei province, August 7, 2023 (Reuters).


Details of the impact of extreme weather that battered northern China after Typhoon Doksuri crossed into southern Fujian province on July 28 before heading north continue to emerge.

The death toll from the storm has risen to 61, with at least three dozen more people reported as missing.

Meanwhile, the extent of the damage – to homes, crops, livestock and infrastructure – as of Wednesday August 9, is extensive. Data on this for various areas is seen below.

The initial estimate of damage from Doksuri (14.7 billion yuan) and Typhoon Talim (2.74 billion yuan), plus heatwaves and other flooding in other areas in July was put at $5.7 billion.

That figure is expected to increase, analysts say, but it is uncertain whether further information on the storm damage will be revealed.


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An aerial view shows flooding in Fuzhou after Typhoon Doksuri made landfall and brought heavy rainfall, in Fujian province, July 29, 2023. CNSphoto via Reuters.


The following is a tally of the damage as reported by state media on Wednesday:



  • 33 deaths, 18 still missing
  • 59,000 homes collapsed, 147,000 homes damaged
  • 225,000 mu (15,000 hectares) of crops stricken.


BAODING Prefecture in HEBEI province

As of 12 pm (0400 GMT) August 5:

  • 10 dead, 18 missing
  • 4,448 homes collapsed, 7,286 homes damaged
  • 79,000 hectares of crops affected
  • 284 bridges and over 550 kilometres of rural roads ruined
  • 17 billion yuan ($2.36 billion) in direct economic losses


SHULAN city in JILIN province

As of 10pm (1400 GMT) on August 6:

  • 14 deaths, 1 missing
Typhoon Doksuri cut a path of devastation across China. (Reuters)

DANDONG city in LIAONING province

As of August 1:

  • 4 dead


FUJIAN province

As of 2 pm (0600 GMT) on July 28

  • 262.3 hectares of crops damaged
  • 52.27 million yuan ($7.25 million) in direct economic losses
  • Reuters with additional editing by Jim Pollard




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