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UN Chief Calls For Windfall Tax on Fossil Fuel Firms – AP
Scamming Compounds in SE Asia Stole $64 Billion in 2023: Report
US Looking to Fund Bird Flu Vaccine Trial by Moderna – FT
China Regulators Approve Eli Lilly’s Diabetes Drug Tirzepatide
Chinese Firms Seen Shifting Production Abroad to Avoid US Tariffs
Biden Ramps US Tariffs on Chinese EVs, Metals, PV Cells, Chips
Revised Bill Gives US Firms Time to Cut Ties With China Biotechs
China Unveils Brain Chip Similar to Elon Musk’s Neuralink
UN Urges Global Effort to Counter Waste Trafficking to Asia
Chinese Biotech Giant WuXi ‘Sent US Client’s Data to Beijing’
Scientists Fear Record Ocean Heat Is Changing Earth’s Systems
China Ramping up Its Transition to Clean Energy, Grid Storage

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