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Latest News: SPACs

Tikehau Capital-Backed Pegasus Asia SPAC Debuts in Singapore
Chinese Stocks to Beat Global Peers, Says BCA – SCMP
Singapore Enters SPAC Market as Temasek-Backed Vertex Debuts
Honda Motor Signs Deal with Lithium-Metal Battery Maker
China Merchants Bank Backing First Hong Kong SPAC Listing
Two Singapore SPACs to List Under Relaxed Framework
China Plans Cybersecurity Rules for Firms Wanting to List Abroad
Tikehau Wins OK for Singapore SPAC – Straits Times
Temasek-Backed Vertex Gets Nod to List SPAC in Singapore
Record IPO Binge In 2021 Leaves Investors Hung Over
SoftBank Offloads $550m in WeWork Debt, Pushing Up Yield
Better.com Boss Says Sorry Over Zoom Firings

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