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Latest News: North Asia

Honda and GM Drop Plan to Make Cheap Electric Vehicles
Hyundai Signs Saudi Deal to Build $500m Auto Plant – Yonhap
Xi Says China Willing to Cooperate as Key Aide Visits US
Nvidia to Stop Some AI Chip Exports to China Immediately
Some Asian Markets Bounce Back, But Global Outlook Weighs
ASML Employee Who Stole Chip Secrets ‘Went to Work at Huawei’
Japan Watchdog Launches Google Search Dominance Probe
China Tensions Leave US Firms Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Vietnam Arrests Top Rare Earth Execs Amid Plans to Rival China
US Chip Export Ban Seen as Big Opportunity for Huawei
Officials Target Foxconn China Sites for Tax, Land Use Probe
China Exported Just 1kg of Germanium Last Month, No Gallium

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