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Latest News: Bank of Japan

Japan’s Salaries Surge Could See BoJ Turn to Tightening
Yen, Inflation Stresses ‘Could Force BoJ to Tighten This Year’
Asia Economies Warned High Inflation to Persist Into Late 2024
Yield Curve Call Sparks BOJ Policy Doubts as Yen Struggles
Japan Finance Ministry on Alert as Weak Yen Causes Concern
Japan Likely To Stick With Negative Rates For a Year: Nomura
Bank of Japan Chief Ueda Vows to Stick With Easy Policy
Bank of Japan to Hold Firm on Ultra-Easy Policy: Economists
Japan Admits Spending $48 Billion Rescuing Plummeting Yen
BOJ Urged by IMF to Loosen Reins on Long-Term Yields
Japan Taps $24bn Reserves to Help Fight Rising Living Costs
Japanese Inflation Rate Stays Above Central Bank Target in June

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