Bilateral Trade

India Using SWIFT Payment System For Dollar Trade With Russia

Many Russian banks have been blocked from the SWIFT network due to Western sanctions over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine

1 week ago

South Korea Slides Toward Recession With Record Trade Deficit

Leading the sluggish trade performance in January were a 44.5% dive in semiconductor exports and a whopping 31% plunge in…

2 months ago

More Countries Bet on India’s Rupee Settlement Mechanism

The system has already been used by Russia following the imposition of sanctions on Moscow over the Ukraine war

3 months ago

EU Escalates WTO Case Against China Over Patents, Lithuania

The disputes concern alleged Chinese restrictions on EU companies' rights to use foreign courts to protect their high-tech patents and on trade…

4 months ago

More China Freight Trains Head to Russia Than Europe – Caixin

Chinese freight trains to Russia made up 60% of the total traffic headed to Europe in the first half of…

9 months ago

US Tariffs Represent ‘Leverage’ Over Beijing: Top Trade Official

US Trade Representative Katherine Tai said protecting interests against China's plans to dominate important industries such as semiconductors was the…

9 months ago

Beijing Aid Props up China Logistics Sector – People’s Daily

China's logistics performance index came in at 49.3% last month, up 5.5 percentage points from the previous month

9 months ago

China-Russia Economic Ties Boosted by New Bridge Crossing

The bridge across the Amur river is just over one kilometre long and cost 19 billion roubles ($342 million), Russia's…

10 months ago

China Bigger Trade Partner Than US in Most of Latin America

With Beijing focusing on resource-rich states in South America, China widened the gap with the US last year in many…

10 months ago

China Reacts Angrily to US-Taiwan Trade Initiative

Beijing warns the US to handle its dealings with Taiwan prudently so as not to encourage separatists after Washington says…

10 months ago

US Beats China to Become India’s Top Trading Partner – Mint

Bilateral trade between India and US soared to $119.4 billion in the fiscal year 2021-22 against $80.51 billion in 2020-21

10 months ago

Italian Court Upholds Veto on Chinese Purchase of Seed Producer

  An Italian administrative court has ruled that a government veto on the purchase of seed producer Verisem by Chinese-owned…

11 months ago