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Global Coal Capacity Growth Blamed on China, EU, US – FT

New coal power was brought online in China – and Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Japan – while there was a…

3 days ago

Excess Capacity Claim is Wrong, We’re More Competitive: China

China says excess capacity claim is groundless and should be viewed from a global perspective and that its trade in…

4 days ago

China Battery Storage Capacity Growth Seen Slowing as Costs Bite

Energy storage projects face high upfront costs and also difficulties in getting grid connections and selling electricity into China's power…

4 days ago

China Firms Order Dozens of Ships For EV, Exports Surge

Chinese firms have ordered 47 ships, including car carriers, to cut export costs. Meanwhile, idle car factories are being shut…

5 days ago

China Solar Firms Paying Price of Global Dominance – FT

Even China’s vast domestic market can’t soak up the excess capacity of its solar power industry

5 days ago

Germany Reliance on China Remains Ahead of Scholz Visit

Total Chinese exports to Germany have dropped amid Berlin’s decoupling push but pharmaceuticals and rare earths supplies have increased

6 days ago

BYD Leads China EV Charge Despite Sluggish Sector Growth

Chinese EV sales totalled 1.03 million in the first quarter of the year but it was the slowest quarterly growth…

6 days ago

US Won’t Allow Chinese Imports to Kill New Industries: Yellen

US Treasury chief winds up talks with China's financial leaders; she also warned that Chinese banks could face sanctions if…

7 days ago

US-China Need ‘Tough’ Conversations, Yellen Tells Li Qiang

The US treasury secretary held talks with the Chinese premier during an 80-minute-long meeting in Beijing as part of her…

1 week ago

Yellen Warns China on ‘Excess Production, Unfair Trade’

China's factory production is more than the global market can bear, Yellen said in meetings on Friday at the start…

1 week ago

Saudi Aramco, Gazprom, Coal India Named as Top CO2 Polluters

The three state entities were among 57 fossil fuel and cement producers responsible for the bulk of the world's CO2…

2 weeks ago

Yellen Warning to China on Oversupply Seen Falling on Deaf Ears

US Treasury Secretary is seen as an 'effective' trade emissary, but Beijing is not expected to put the brakes on…

2 weeks ago