China-US Economic Ties

Meta Removes China Propaganda Aimed at US Midterms

Meta said it disrupted a China-based influence operation using Facebook and Instagram accounts with political content aimed at users in…

14 hours ago

China’s ByteDance to Add Four Directors to Board – SCMP

The proposal comes as pressure mounts on ByteDance over TikTok's 'excessive' harvesting of users' data, which could be shared with…

16 hours ago

US Lawmakers Seek Power to Block Investment in China

Democrat leaders are among a bipartisan group who urged Biden to issue an order to "safeguard our national security and…

20 hours ago

Former Chicago Student Convicted of Spying For China – Tribune

Chaoqun, 31, was found to be gathering details on engineers and scientists in the US working on artificial intelligence, aerospace…

2 days ago

US Lawmakers, TikTok Close in on Data Security Deal

ByteDance has so far resisted US demands to divest TikTok, with the details of the new data security deal still…

3 days ago

China Sends Regulators to Hong Kong to Help US Audits

About 10 officials from the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Finance have arrived in Hong Kong to…

7 days ago

US Banks Pressured to Take Tougher Stance on Taiwan, China

Banks vow to follow government guidance, as they did on Russia, if Beijing invades Taiwan. But some said the US…

7 days ago

Push for More Sanctions on Russian Oil Could Irk India – ET

The proposed legislation would impose penalties on countries that increase their imports of Russian oil, provoking tensions with India and…

1 week ago

China Unicom, Pacific Networks Named as US Security Threats

The move by the Federal Communications Commission follows action in recent years against Huawei and a range of other Chinese…

1 week ago

Shock Absorbers Help Taiwan Chip Plants Avoid Quake Damage

The island's highly valuable chip factories were spared thanks to quakes occurring in areas away from chip foundries, plus modern…

1 week ago

Turkey Aims for SCO Membership, Joining China, Russia, Iran

"Our relations with these countries will be moved to a much different position with this step. Of course [membership], that's…

2 weeks ago

Opel Halts China Expansion Plan on US Tensions – Handelsblatt

The German carmaker cited geopolitical tensions between China and the US, and Beijing’s zero-Covid policy as key to its decision

2 weeks ago