China-US Economic Ties

EU to Avoid Trade Curbs in China Solar Panel Firms Battle

The bloc’s solar panel manufacturers have been struggling to compete with their Chinese competitors as its members install new solar panels at…

18 hours ago

Malaysia, India Bid to Profit From US-China Chip War – KrAsia

The tech trade battle between Washington and Beijing has created a window of opportunity for China’s southern neighbours

23 hours ago

US Lawmakers’ Fury Over Huawei’s Intel AI Chip-Powered Laptop

Republicans have hit out at the Biden administration over continuing supplies of high-end American tech to China

2 days ago

‘Ban Chinese Electric Vehicles From The US’: Senator

Lawmaker Sherrod Brown, who has also demanded steep tariffs on Chinese EVs, says they are a threat to American automakers

3 days ago

China Orders Telecoms to End Use of US Chips by 2027 – WSJ

China's Ministry of Industry and IT ordered state mobile operators to inspect their networks for non-Chinese chips and map out…

4 days ago

Excess Capacity Claim is Wrong, We’re More Competitive: China

China says excess capacity claim is groundless and should be viewed from a global perspective and that its trade in…

5 days ago

Four Chinese Firms Blacklisted for Seeking AI Chips for Military

The four firms were among 11 added to the US Entity List on Wednesday, an official said, along with others…

5 days ago

China Solar Firms Paying Price of Global Dominance – FT

Even China’s vast domestic market can’t soak up the excess capacity of its solar power industry

6 days ago

Top US Republican Senator Backs Forced Sale of TikTok

Republican leader in the Senate backs push for China's Bytedance to divest TikTok, which he said was a threat to…

1 week ago

TSMC Wins Billions in US Aid After Deal on 3rd New Arizona Fab

Washington will award TSMC's US unit a $6.6bn subsidy and up to $5bn in low-cost loans, after it agreed to…

1 week ago

US Won’t Allow Chinese Imports to Kill New Industries: Yellen

US Treasury chief winds up talks with China's financial leaders; she also warned that Chinese banks could face sanctions if…

1 week ago

US-China Need ‘Tough’ Conversations, Yellen Tells Li Qiang

The US treasury secretary held talks with the Chinese premier during an 80-minute-long meeting in Beijing as part of her…

1 week ago