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China’s CATL to Mass Produce Cheaper M3P Batteries This Year

The batteries will have greater energy density and perform better than lithium-ion phosphate batteries, the company's chairman said

4 hours ago

Beijing Regulator Delays CATL’s $5 Billion Swiss GDR Listing

China's securities regulator has questioned why the battery maker needs so much capital after it raised $6.56 billion in a…

1 week ago

Xi’s Remarks on CATL ‘a Warning to Chinese EV Battery Makers’

Xi Jinping’s comment that he was “both pleased and concerned” about CATL’s EV battery market dominance has prompted industry executives to brace…

2 weeks ago

China’s Mining Probe Set to Cut World Lithium Supply by 13%

Officials in Yichun, known as Asia’s lithium capital, said last week they were cracking down on illegal mining – news…

3 weeks ago

BYD to Build $1.2 Billion EV Battery Plant in Zhengzhou

The electric vehicle maker is aiming to build a facility to produce its Blade Battery, which it claims is safer…

1 month ago

South Korea’s SK On to Produce Cheaper EV Battery by 2025

The battery-maker aims to produce LFP batteries that can be made at lower cost, but deliver less range than comparable…

3 months ago

China Battery Giant CATL Seals UK Partnership – Pandaily

The partnership will enable the storage and deployment of renewables on an improved and larger scale, Pandaily said

3 months ago

It is Risky to Only Pursue EVs, Toyota Chief Says – WSJ

Toyota chief Akio Toyodo said the "silent majority" is wondering if electric vehicles really are "OK to have as a…

3 months ago

West Forms Green Alliance Against China For Key EV Minerals

“China is actually free to up its game with respect to environmental standards... and eventually join the alliance," Canada's Natural…

3 months ago

Toyota to Change EV Strategy to Close Gap With Tesla, BYD

Toyota has been reviewing a $30 billion, three-stage plan for developing and releasing electric vehicles it announced late last year

3 months ago

US, Europe Chase Cheaper EV Battery to Curb China Dominance

The EVs of the future — those arriving after 2025 — could shift to significantly cheaper sodium ion or lithium…

4 months ago

Berkshire Hathaway Sells $145 Million of China’s BYD Shares

The sale lowered Berkshire's holdings in BYD's total issued H-shares to 16.62% on November 8, down from 17.15%

4 months ago