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Nissan Eyes Solid-State EV Battery Breakthrough by 2029 – AP

While rivals claim to be further ahead in the race to develop the next generation of batteries, Nissan has hinted it’s poised to make the great leap forward sooner

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Nissan's EV efforts have been eclipsed by the likes of US rival Tesla and Chinese leader BYD.


Japanese automaker Nissan has claimed it will be in a position to mass-produce electric vehicles powered by the holy grail of batteries before the end of the decade, the Associated Press reported.

Nissan is planning to leap ahead of its rivals by making a long-awaited breakthrough on solid-state batteries, which replace the corrosive liquids found in conventional batteries with solid metals and are widely seen as the next step for EVs, the story went on.

Rivals like Volkswagen and Toyota have also unveiled plans to produce solid-state EVs, with Toyota setting a date of 2027-28 to begin bringing them to market. Substantial challenges remain though but Nissan officials have hinted they believe they are closer to a solution which involves using a metal form of lithium.

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  • By Sean O’Meara


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