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Tech Giants Rush to Develop VR Headsets – Economist

The world’s biggest tech companies are convinced that what has long been a niche market may be on the brink of becoming something much larger

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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, right, and her husband Charles, Prince of Wales (second from right), watch a virtual reality demonstration at Meta's London office in March. Photo: AFP


With eyes like saucers, nine-year-old Ralph Miles slowly removes his Quest 2 headset, The Economist reported. “It was like being in another galaxy!” he exclaims. He has just spent 10 minutes blasting alien robots — all the while seated silently in the home-electronics section of a London department store.

Sales assistants bustle around, advertising the gear to take home today. “That would be sick!” enthuses Ralph. Nearly every big technology firm is rushing to develop a virtual reality or augmented reality headset, convinced that what has long been a niche market may be on the brink of becoming something much larger.

Read the full report: The Economist



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