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Tencent uses AI in coronavirus fight

(ATF) Chinese tech giant Tencent has used artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the medical sector to aid the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

Data from the firm showed that it owns more than 300 patents in the medical AI field, ranging from medical auxiliary diagnosis to medical record management and risk monitoring to medical imaging.

While promoting a digital medical solution amid the global virus battle, the Shenzhen-based enterprise open sourced its self-triage assistant, an online tool backed by AI technology, to help people around the world conduct a self-assessment about potential coronavirus symptoms.

By the end of March, Tencent had published more than 370,000 patent applications in major countries and regions, with more than 14,000 patents authorised around the world.

Earlier this year, the company also developed its WeCounty platform that serves people in the China’s rural areas, providing villagers with services including online medical consultation, urgent notice releases and free online courses. Through the platform, villagers can also find out whether they had come into contact with people infected with coronavirus.


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