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Time to upgrade! China clicks ‘agree’ on tech sector evolution

(ATF) Beijing has launched a push for more digitalisation and even higher standards among its tech-making firms.

The General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced it will create a new nationwide industrial quality brand this year. 

The office’s goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of its manufacturing industry and promote quality reform, strengthening the overall standards of China’s domestic high tech brands.

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The ministry will also be looking at accelerating standardisation and equipment improvements in manufacturing and other high tech sectors.

The office also revealed on Wednesday its draft ’14th Five-Year Plan for Intelligent Manufacturing Development’ proposing that by 2025, its larger manufacturing industries will be ‘basically digitalised’, and other key enterprises will have realised an ‘intelligent transformation’. 

And by 2035, the aim is that all manufacturing enterprises above a designated size will be fully digitised, and the sector’s backbone enterprises will have gone through a digital transformation too.

Also, by 2025, it’s proposed that the technical level and market competitiveness of China’s intelligent manufacturing equipment and industrial software will be significantly improved. 

As part of the process, more than 10 system solution providers will build over 120 industrial Internet platforms.

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