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Top US and China Officials to Meet This Week: SCMP

US and Chinese flags flying in Washington as China stock delisting stand-off deepens
The "America COMPETES Act aims to increase US competitiveness with China and boost US semiconductor manufacturing. Reuters file photo.


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Top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi will hold talks with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan in Switzerland this week, the South China Morning Post reported, citing sources familiar with details of the meeting.

The talks between the pair will most likely take place on Wednesday, the story said. The nations aim to rebuild communication channels and implement a consensus reached between presidents Xi Jinping and Joe Biden in their phone call less than a month ago, one of the sources said, according to the story. A second source said Yang would depart China today, and one item on the agenda would be the possibility of a summit between Xi and Biden, the report added. Full story: South China Morning Post.

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