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Trump Eyes 60% China Tariffs, Sparks New Trade War Fears – WP

Trump has vowed to take on China again if he wins a second term, promising to be tougher on Beijing than Biden

The CIA operation came in response to years of aggressive covert efforts by China aimed at increasing its global influence, sources said (file Reuters image of Trump and Xi from 2021).


Former US President Donald Trump is said to be looking at plans to hike up tariffs on all Chinese imports if he returns to power, a move that would almost certainly spark a new trade war between the superpowers, the Washington Post reported.

Publicly, the GOP front-runner has endorsed downgrading China’s trade status with the United States, revoking China’s position as a “most favoured nation” for trade which is applied to almost all countries the US trades with, the story went on.

Privately, Trump is said to have discussed with advisers the possibility of imposing a flat 60% tariff on all Chinese imports, which could lead to enormous disruptions to global trade, economists warn.

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  • By Sean O’Meara


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