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AI Powering Big Changes in Logistics – China Daily

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven changes in logistics, which includes acceleration of innovation, automation and digitalisation

The Chinese government has boosted support for the logistics sector to help the economy recover.
Despite growing trade ties to Southeast Asia and an economy that is less dependent on trade over the past decade, China's economic interests remain heavily skewed to Western democracies. File photo: AFP.


At a logistics service centre in Seoul, an industrial robotics arm is leveraging artificial intelligence to quickly sort documents and small parcels into separate delivery bins. It is capable of sorting over 1,000 small parcels per hour, allegedly increasing efficiency by 41%, the China Daily reported.

The robotic arm flyer sorter was developed by Dorabot Inc, an international AI-powered robotic solutions provider for logistics, express delivery, smart manufacturing, retailing and other industries.


Read the full report: China Daily.




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Kevin Hamlin

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