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Analysts Discover Simple Cargo Ship Emissions Solution – NA

International shipping is responsible for around 3% of global man-made carbon emissions but researchers say they have an obvious answer

Containers are stacked at Yangshan port in Shanghai. Photo: Reuters


Researchers have come up with an ingenious, low-tech way to cut cargo ship emissions, New Atlas reported, that doesn’t involve new fuels or giant sail-wings.

The Blue Visby Solution means you don’t have to alter the ships at all, the tech and science news website story continued, they just have to be piloted differently – and go slower.

Currently, most cargo ships follow an operational practice known as “sail fast, then wait” (SFTW), going as quickly as they can from port A to port B and when they get there, they sit and wait, continuing to burn fuel, until it’s time for them to dock and load or unload their cargo.

But one study cited by the Blue Visby team found that 87% of voyages could reduce their speed by an average of just 1 knot, and meet all their deadlines while reducing emissions by 16%.

Read the full story: New Atlas


  • By Sean O’Meara


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