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Aussie Who Said he Invented Bitcoin Lied on ‘Grand Scale’: Judge

UK judge ruled on Monday that there was ‘overwhelming’ evidence that Wright was not ‘Satoshi Nakamoto,’ writer of the foundational text for Bitcoin

Computer scientist Craig Wright arrives at the High Court in London (Reuters February 9, 2024).


A judge at London’s High Court ruled on Monday that a computer scientist who said he invented Bitcoin lied “extensively and repeatedly” and forged documents “on a grand scale” to support a false claim.

Australian Craig Wright had long claimed to have written the foundational text of bitcoin – a 2008 white paper published under the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

But Judge James Mellor ruled in March that the evidence Wright was not Satoshi was “overwhelming”, after a trial in a case brought by the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) to stop Wright suing bitcoin developers.


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Mellor gave reasons for his conclusions on Monday, stating in a written ruling: “Dr Wright presents himself as an extremely clever person. However, in my judgment, he is not nearly as clever as he thinks he is.”

The judge added: “All his lies and forged documents were in support of his biggest lie: his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto.”

Judge Mellor said that Wright’s actions in suing developers and his expressed views about bitcoin also pointed against him being Satoshi.

Wright, who denied forging documents when he gave evidence in February, said in a post on X: “I fully intend to appeal the decision of the court on the matter of the identity issue.”

COPA – whose members include Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s payments firm Block – described Monday’s ruling as “a watershed moment for the open-source community”.


  • Reuters with additional editing by Jim Pollard




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Jim Pollard

Jim Pollard is an Australian journalist based in Thailand since 1999. He worked for News Ltd papers in Sydney, Perth, London and Melbourne before travelling through SE Asia in the late 90s. He was a senior editor at The Nation for 17+ years.


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