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Myanmar Sets Up China-Made CCTVs in More Cities
UK Politicians Warn Against “Malign” China, Russia Tech Plans
China’s WeChat Shuts Down Bloomberg Account – SCMP
Asia Inflation Has Peaked, Cutting Rates Risk: Morgan Stanley
UK Delays Verdict On Chip Firm Sale to China  – Guardian
US Sanctions Drive Huawei Boss to Ask Staff For Ideas – SCMP
China’s Suzhou Launches Robot EV Charging System – Pandaily
China’s BYD Outstrips Tesla as World’s Biggest EV Seller – FT
China, Russia Dominate Nuclear Reactor Construction, IEA Says
Singapore Platform Vauld is Latest Victim of Crypto Crash
UK Politicians Call for Ban on China CCTV Firms – BBC
China Hits Back at NATO, Says It Has ‘Bias’ – Guardian

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