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CCP Asked Elon Musk Not to Sell Starlink in China – The Verge

Chinese officials clearly disapproved of Starlink’s rollout in Ukraine and ‘sought assurances’ that Musk would not sell access to the internet service in China, report said

A growing list of shipping owners have been drawn to Musk's internet communications service provided by SpaceX's low-earth orbit satellites, a new report says.
The internet service provided by Starlink satellites is attracting a growing list of big shipping groups who want fast internet for crews on their vessels. File photo: Reuters.


Chinese officials asked Elon Musk directly to not sell internet provider Starlink within the country, The Verge reported, citing an interview the world’s richest man gave to the FT that said Beijing disapproved of the rollout in Ukraine and “sought assurances he would not sell Starlink in China”.

It was not clear whether Musk had agreed to Beijing’s request, the report said, but it noted that Starlink’s current service map showed no plans of deployment in China, while adjacent countries like Taiwan, Mongolia and Vietnam were listed as “pending regulatory approval”.

Read the full report: The Verge.




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