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China Imposes Sanctions on Pelosi and Family – CNBC

Beijing described the US Speaker’s visit to Taiwan this week as “gross interference in China’s internal affairs” that “seriously tramples on the one-China principle”

China imposed sanctions on Friday on Nancy Pelosi and her immediate family for her visit to Taiwan.
US Lower House Speaker Nancy Pelosi talks with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen in Taipei, August 3, 2022. Photo: Taiwan Presidential Office handout via Reuters.


China announced on Friday it had imposed sanctions on US Lower House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her immediate family following her trip to Taiwan on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to a report by CNBC, citing a statement by the Foreign Ministry which described as her visit as “gross interference in China’s internal affairs.”

The statement said Pelosi’s visit “gravely undermines China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, seriously tramples on the one-China principle, and severely threatens peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” the report said, noting that Beijing was so angry its “military has been conducting its largest-ever military drills near the island” – a response that Taiwanese officials said was “highly provocative.”

Read the full report: CNBC.



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Jim Pollard

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