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China Military Secrets Posted on Game Forum, TechRadar Says

A player shared schematics for a shell fired by the Chinese Type 96 tank in a forum post, which was swiftly deleted, TechRadar reported.

war thunder videogame
An image from the War Thunder videogame. Photo: Gaijin Entertainment


A member of an online forum for the video game War Thunder revealed China military secrets in an attempt to force the developer to update specifications for virtual Chinese tanks, TechRadar reported.

A player shared schematics for a shell fired by the Chinese Type 96 Main Battle Tank in a forum post, which was swiftly deleted, the report said.

Gaijin Entertainment, which makes War Thunder, urged players not to post classified defence material from any country, it said

“Our community managers immediately banned the user and deleted his post, as the information on this particular shell is still classified in China,” the company told Kotaku, the videogame website. “Publishing classified information on any vehicle of any nation at War Thunder forums is clearly prohibited, and the game developers never use it in their work.”


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TechRadar said there had been a leak of classified information on the site for the third time in two years.

Last year, a War Thunder forum user posted documents on the UK’s Challenger 2 tank. Earlier, part of the manual for France’s Leclerc main battle tank was posted. All the documents were deleted.


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