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Latest News: Defence Technology

Taiwan Shows Off Homegrown Drones for ‘Asymmetric Warfare’
Taiwan Defence Spending to Focus on ‘Total’ China Blockade
Radios Beam China-Philippines Tension Over South China Sea
China to Raise Defence Spending Faster Than Growth Forecast
Chinese Firm in Talks to Sell Military Drones to Russia: Report
Blinken Meets Top China Diplomat, Warns Against Russia Aid
Biden ’Not Looking For a Cold War’ With China, Will Talk to Xi
China Sanctions Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Again Over Taiwan
US Rejects China’s Balloon Claim as Diplomats Consider Talks
China Claims US Flew High-Altitude Balloons Over its Airspace
China Says its Ready to Meet With US to Discuss Defence
West Risks Accidental Nuclear War With China, UK Says

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