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China, US Scientists’ Graphene Chip Breakthrough – IndraStra

Graphene-based chips promise reduced power consumption and hugely improved processing speeds compared to silicon-made chips

Semiconductor chips are seen on a circuit board of a computer in this illustration picture taken on February 25, 2022. Photo: Reuters


Researchers from China and the United States say they have made a major semiconductor breakthrough by developing the first graphene-based chip, long heralded by many as the sector’s great leap forward, the academic research news site IndraStra reported.

Nanoscientists at China’s Tianjin University and the Georgia Institute of Technology, working together in a rare collaboration between the two superpowers, recently published their achievement in the prestigious journal Nature, the story went on.

The breakthrough could spark a new era in electronics with smaller graphene chips able to cope with heightened computing speeds compared to traditional silicon-based chips.

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  • By Sean O’Meara


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