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China Years Ahead of Europe in EV Materials Production – FT

Europe is “20 years” behind China and will have to rely on them for raw materials for some time, Livista Energy chief Roland Getreide was quoted as saying

Employees work on an assembly line at a SAIC Volkswagen plant in Shanghai
Employees work on an assembly line at a SAIC Volkswagen plant in Shanghai. Photo: Reuters.


China’s command of the supply chain for electric vehicles (EVs) presents a challenge for Europe’s ambitions in the sector, The Financial Times reported, noting that Chinese companies are set to make 76% of lithium-ion battery cells this year compared with just 7% by manufacturers in the EU.

Europe needs to set up a “whole ecosystem of mining, refining and chemical engineering” needed to supply EV batteries if it is to phase out petrol and diesel-powered cars by 2035, according to one expert, but China’s current lead in battery making suggests the EU may have to rely on Chinese or Asian raw materials for EVs for some time.

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