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China’s SMIC Beats Sanctions to Make 7nm Chips – TechInsights

The discovery has big implications for Chinese chip companies, as it “helps reduce China’s reliance on Western technologies” at a time when it was restricted by US sanctions, the report said

Shares in Chinese chipmakers and tech giants fell on Monday, after US export control measures announced late last week.
Shares of SMIC, which is China's largest chipmaker, were down 4% at the close of trading in Hong Kong on Monday. Reuters file image.


China’s largest chipmaker Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC) is now producing more advanced products, according to a report by TechInsights, which said it appeared to have produced a 7-nanometre chip “that incorporates scaled logic and memory bitcells.”

The Shanghai-based SMIC, which Washington put on the Department of Commerce’s Entity List in late 2020 because of concerns it had ties to the Chinese military, “appears to have used 7nm technology to manufacture the MinerVa Bitcoin Miner system on chip,” the report said, adding that this “has key implications for Chinese chip companies, as it helps to reduce China’s reliance on Western technologies during this time of restricted access.”

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