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Chinese national rare earths innovation centre green-lighted

(ATF) – A rare earths innovation centre is to be established in China, one of the world’s largest sources of the 17 natural elements that are used in new technology products from electric car batteries to iPhones.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has approved the establishment of the facility by Guore Kechuang Rare Earth Functional Materials Co, according to a report by Gongxin Weibao on Tuesday.

The innovation center will focus on industries that manufacture and conduct research into magnetic, luminescent, catalytic, alloy and other materials.  

It will also promote companies involved in rare earths recycling, processing and manufacturing technologies. Key activities highlighted include batch preparation systems and the development and application of new technologies.

The innovation center is aimed at creating a new platform that integrates the research and development of key common technologies, the incubation of new designs and test verification processes to help accelerate the breakthrough of new innovations, the report said.


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