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Chinese Supercomputer Achieves ‘Brain-Scale’ AI Model – SCMP

Chinese scientists say their new supercomputer rivals the US Frontier, ranked recently as the world’s most powerful, claiming it “has successfully run an AI model as sophisticated as a human brain”

The US plans to curb the export of chips used by China's supercomputers and data centres, sources said on Tuesday.
China is believed to have the greatest number of supercomputers. Time reported in late 2017 that it had 202 of the world's 500 fastest machines. File photo: Global Times.


Scientists in China say the country’s new Sunway supercomputer rivals the US Frontier, which was ranked as the world’s most powerful machine in June, claiming it “is so fast it has successfully run an artificial intelligence model as sophisticated as a human brain”, a report in the South China Morning Post said on Wednesday.

The latest Sunway “has a speed of a billion billion operations per second”, or 5.3 exaflops and over 37 million CPU cores (four times as many as Frontier), with nine petabytes of memory, it said, adding that a team used it to train an AI model for the first time with 174 trillion parameters, which is similar to the number of synapses in the human brain.

Read the full report: South China Morning Post.
This report was updated on July 30, 2022.




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