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‘Dirty dozen’ fined in anti-monopoly crackdown

(ATF) China’s General Administration of Market Supervision has issued 10 complaints against internet firms in accordance with the anti-monopoly law and some big names were among them – such as Baidu, Tencent and Suning.

After investigation, the firms (listed below) were all found to have violated Article 21 of the Anti-Monopoly Law and conducted business in an illegal manner. But an assessment has not been made yet on whether they eliminated or restricted competition. 

Under Article 21, if a firm’s undertaking meets reporting standards set by the State Council, it should report to the Anti-monopoly Law Enforcement Agency in advance, and they shall not implement a finding that they failed to make a declaration. 

Following the ruling, the State Administration of Market Supervision made an administrative penalty decision in accordance with Articles 48 and 49 of the Anti-Monopoly Law, and imposed a fine of 500,000 yuan on each of the 12 companies, including Yintai Commercial (Group) Co Ltd.

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The ‘dirty dozen’

A brief note published by samr.gov.cn said that in accordance with the provisions of the Anti-Monopoly Law, the SAMS investigated the following cases:

# Yintai Commercial (Group)’s acquisition of Kaiyuan Commercial Co Ltd’s equity;

# Tencent Holdings’ acquisition of Yuanjiao’s equity;

# Chengdu Meigenmei Information Technology Co Ltd’s equity case involving Jiahuan Agricultural Products Group Co Ltd;

# Suqian Hanbang Investment Management Co Ltd’s acquisition of equity in Jiangsu Wuxing Electric Co Ltd;

# Baidu Holdings Co Ltd’s acquisition of Xiaoyu Group’s equity;

# Suning Rundong Equity Investment Management Co Ltd’s acquisition of Shanghai Botai Yuezhen;

# The equity case of Electronic Equipment Manufacturing Co Ltd;

# The establishment of a joint venture between Didi Mobile Pte Ltd and Softbank Co Ltd;

# The acquisition of equity of DaDa Education Group by Good Future Education Group;

# Shanghai Oriental Press Co Ltd and Beijing Quantum Yuedong Technology Co., Ltd;

# Ten cases involving the establishment of a joint venture;

# And Beijing Niukafu Network Technology Co Ltd’s acquisition of shares in Hebei Baoduitong Electronic Commerce Co Ltd were filed for investigation.


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