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Latest News: New Energy

Guangzhou Splashes $29 Billion on Chip and Tech Race – SCMP
India’s Power Play to Become a Global Solar Force – Hindu
Uber to Launch 25,000 Electric Vehicles in India Over 3 Years
China Aiming to Boost Consumer Spending and Childcare
China Expecting Record Rise in Solar Power Capacity This Year
Vietnamese Fret Over US Xinjiang Law Risk to Solar Panel Trade
BYD to Build $1.2 Billion EV Battery Plant in Zhengzhou
India’s Adani Bids to Reassure Investors as Rout Continues
Adani Rout Deepens Amid Concern on MSCI Downgrades
Adani Shares Finally Rally After $113-Billion Market Wipeout
China Needs Tech Self-Reliance to Avoid Being Strangled: Xi – SCMP
Honda to Start Making New Hydrogen Fuel Cell System With GM

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