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Latest News: Rare Earths

China Turns Focus on Rare Earths Sector Amid Trade War with US
Some Asian Markets Bounce Back, But Global Outlook Weighs
Taliban and China to Discuss Potential Belt and Road Links
Vietnam Arrests Top Rare Earth Execs Amid Plans to Rival China
China Exported Just 1kg of Germanium Last Month, No Gallium
China Curbs Export of Key EV Metal as Tech War With US Deepens
China Leads Rare Metals Mining Race to Ocean Floor – WP
China-Western Tensions Reshaping Global Business
Vietnam to Restart Giant Rare Earths Mine in Bid to Rival China
China Issues Gallium, Germanium Licences as Exports Sink
China Sanctions US Defence Firms For Arms Sold to Taiwan
Seeking China Hedge, Top US Chip Firms to Join Biden in Vietnam

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