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Nvidia Feels ‘Perfectly Safe’ Relying Heavily on Taiwan Chips

"The process of diversifying in different geographies is an excellent strategy by TSMC and so TSMC is now part of…

18 hours ago

US to Target Investment in China Chips, AI, Quantum Computing

China hawks in Washington blame US investors for transferring capital and valuable know-how to Chinese tech companies that could help…

20 hours ago

AI Poses Extinction Risk, as Bad as Nuclear War, AI CEOs Say

Among the critics of the viral technology were Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio – two of the three so-called "godfathers…

2 days ago

Baidu’s $145m AI Start-Ups Fund, Ernie Bot Apps Contest

The tech giant will also launch a competition for developers to build applications off its Ernie bot in the race…

2 days ago

China Strains, AI Top of The Agenda at US, EU Summit Talks

A 24-page draft joint statement focuses on AI algorithm standards, export controls and China’s non-market practices and disinformation

3 days ago

Japan to Lead G7 Discussion on AI Regulation Next Week

Leaders of the G7 last week agreed to create an intergovernmental forum called the "Hiroshima AI process" to debate issues around fast-growing…

6 days ago

Japan and US Agree to Cooperate on Advanced Technology

The two allies are looking to cooperate closely in research and development of advanced chips, artificial intelligence and quantum technology,…

7 days ago

Blackstone’s Lumina Talking to Tech Giants on Indian Data Centres

Blackstone is looking at data centres in five Indian cities with total capacity of 600 megawatts, Lumina's CEO says

1 week ago

China’s ChatGPT Rival Ernie Bot Dodges Covid, Xi Queries – NYP

A CNBC reporter asked Baidu’s Ernie Bot how long Xi Jinping will be in power and where Covid-19 originated

1 week ago

$600,000 ‘Deepfake’ Fraud Heats Up AI Debate in China

"He chatted with me via video call, and I also confirmed his face and voice in the video. That's why…

2 weeks ago

Ex-Apple Engineer Charged For Stealing Tech, Fleeing to China

The indictment was part of five cases centred on allegations concerning the theft of trade secrets and other technology, of…

2 weeks ago

OpenAI Boss Urges Regulations to Prevent ‘Harm to the World’

OpenAI chief executive Samuel Altman urges Congress to draw up rules and guidelines, saying he fears that artificial intelligence could…

2 weeks ago