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Former Chicago Student Convicted of Spying For China – Tribune

Chaoqun, 31, was found to be gathering details on engineers and scientists in the US working on artificial intelligence, aerospace…

2 days ago

China’s Child Smartwatch Market Doubles Over 4 Years – Nikkei

Growth rate could now though slow due to government concerns that smartwatches are harmful to child development, reported the Nikkei

3 weeks ago

China Eyes Domestic Solution to US AI Chips Curbs – SCMP

Chinese tech chiefs at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai are said to be looking at speeding up their…

4 weeks ago

Japan to Change Floppy Disk Data Storage Rules – Nikkei

"We will change [these old rules] promptly," Digital Affairs Minister Tara Kono was quoted as saying, as he outlined plans…

4 weeks ago

China Tech Giant Baidu Unveils Quantum Computer Qianshi

The new computer will solve data and problems that existing computers cannot, representing technological strides in AI, material simulation, and…

1 month ago

India Eyes $3bn Armed Drones Deal With US to Monitor China

India is set to sign a $3-billion deal with the US for 30 top-level military drones for surveillance of their…

1 month ago

Metaverse Land is `Dumbest’ Buy Ever, Mark Cuban Says – Insider

Cuban dismissed the metaverse, saying ''right now it's more talk than anything,'' Business Insider reported. 

2 months ago

TikTok Employees Urged to Play Down Chinese Origins: Gizmodo

The firm seems to think its biggest public perception problem is that it's from China, according to the trove of…

2 months ago

South Korean AI Firm Raises Funds to Build Synthetic Data

According to the startup, one of its AI models powered by synthetic data for a healthcare client improved the accuracy…

2 months ago

Google Fires ‘AI is Sentient’ Engineer – Big Technology

Google, which placed software engineer Blake Lemoine on leave last month after he made the outlandish claims, said he had…

2 months ago

Baidu Unveils Autonomous Robotaxi as GM, Ford Seek US Permits

The Apollo RT6 EV – a cross between an SUV and a minivan – will use eight lidars, a detection…

2 months ago

Key Tesla AI Executive Leaves Firm Without Stating Reason

The departure of Karpathy, who provided no reason for leaving, comes at a critical time as Tesla chief executive Elon…

3 months ago