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Latest News: Blockchain

ADDX Raises $58m, Teams Up With Thai Stock Exchange
Stablecoin Crash That Shook Crypto: All You Need to Know
China Reemerges as Major Bitcoin Mining Hub Despite Ban
China Fired Up Over ‘Powerful’ Blockchain Project – CNBC
Binance Sees $1.6 Billion Evaporate on TerraUSD-Luna Crash
Cathie Wood’s ARK Fund Plunges on Coinbase Results
Crypto Thieves Lurk on Social Media to Steal NFTs – ST
Singapore’s OCBC in Deal to Offer Tokenised Carbon Credits
Singapore SPAC Plans to Invest $115m in Tech Startups
US Hits ‘Currency Mixer’ Blender With North Korea Sanctions
Citizens Etch Shanghai Covid Lockdown Memories as NFTs
NFT Market Shrinks as Sales Decline After Great Leap Forward

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