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Latest News: Southeast Asia

China’s 10min Charge Car Battery Can Last 600 Miles – Yahoo
Musk in Bali as Indonesia Turns to Starlink to Push Digital Dream
Biden Scraps Tariff Exemption, to Protect US Solar Sector
Chinese Firms Seen Shifting Production Abroad to Avoid US Tariffs
Biden Ramps US Tariffs on Chinese EVs, Metals, PV Cells, Chips
South Korea to Announce $7 Billion Package For Chip Industry
China Car Exports Hit Record High in April, as Local Sales Drop
China Capture of TSMC Would Be ‘Devastating’ For US: Raimondo
AI Can’t Be Trusted to Set Interest Rates – Yet: Bank Chief
Apple Working With TSMC to Make its Own AI Chips: WSJ
Nikkei Leads Asian Stocks Higher, But Hang Seng Dips; FX Down
Asian Markets Lose $2.5 Billion as Outflows Continue in April

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