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Latest News: Semiconductors

Huawei’s New Pura 70 Phone Arrives Amid Interest in Chips
TSMC Posts 9% Profit Rise Amid ‘Insatiable’ AI Chip Demand
Japanese Firms Eye Moves to the US as ‘China Illusion’ Fades
US Reviewing Trade Sanctions to Tackle China Supply Chain Threats
China Providing 90% of Chips Used in Russia, Despite Sanctions
Row Over Fair Car Trade Continues as Scholz Lands in China
Malaysia, India Bid to Profit From US-China Chip War – KrAsia
US Lawmakers’ Fury Over Huawei’s Intel AI Chip-Powered Laptop
China Orders Telecoms to End Use of US Chips by 2027 – WSJ
Micron Admits Taiwan Quake Will Impact Memory Chip Supplies
Four Chinese Firms Blacklisted for Seeking AI Chips for Military
TSMC Reaps Dividends of AI Boom as Revenue Beats Forecasts

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