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Guotai Junan Securities shakes up management team

(ATF) – Guotai Junan Securities plans has shaken up the roles of some senior executives as the investment bank’s new chairman resets its strategic goals.

The changes will mainly apply to the business areas of Chen Yutao, former vice president in charge of retail and branches, Gong Dexiong, former vice president of large capital management, Jiang Wei, former vice president of research and institutional business, and Zhang Zhiming, former executive vice president of retail and branch management committee.

According to a report by Securities Firm China, the restructuring may be in preparation for new business. 

At the Shanghai-based company’s management meeting, He Qing, the new chairman, said that retail business should emphasize a “firm and complete transition” to wealth management. 

He also stressed that the company should restart a programme of reforms and that the investment banking business should be expanded.


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