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India Passes Japan to Become No-3 Car Market – Nikkei

India has passed Japan for the first time to become the world’s third largest auto market with sales of at least 4.25 million units in 2022

India sold more cars than Japan in 2022, but China and the US still have the world's biggest car markets. This file image by Reuters shows cars in Delhi on a smoggy day in Sept 2021.


India has become the world’s third largest auto market for the first time with sales of at least 4.25 million units, topping the 4.2 million sold in Japan in 2022, a report by Nikkei said on Friday, which cited 4.13m units sold from January to November according to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers plus the sales volume for December from the country’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki.

India’s total sales for the year are expected to rise further when fourth-quarter figures and year-end results from Tata Motors and other car makers are released, the report said, adding that China continued to lead global sales with 26.27 million vehicles sold in 2021, while the US remains second with 15.4 million vehicles in 2021.

Read the full report: Nikkei Asian Review.



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Jim Pollard

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