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Indian Billionaire Adani Says He’s Addicted to ChatGPT – CNN

The Indian billionaire said the app has astounding capabilities and described it as a “transformational moment in the democratisation” of artificial intelligence

Shares of companies run by Gautam Adani fell on Tuesday after a report by a unit of Fitch saying the group was 'deeply over-leveraged'.
Gautam Adani admits to "some addiction" to AI tool ChatGPT. AFP file photo.


Indian tycoon Gautam Adani said in a LinkedIn Post he is addicted to the powerful AI chatbot ChatGPT, CNN has reported, but Asia’s richest man warned that the development would have “massive ramifications” because he believed generative artificial intelligence has the “same potential and danger” as silicon chips.

The billionaire described the app as a “transformational moment in the democratisation of AI” and hailed its astounding capabilities and comical failures, said the report, with Adani predicting that the race to develop generative AI would quickly get as “complex and as entangled as the ongoing silicon chip war.”

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