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Latest News: Energy Insights

EVs Should Have 200km Range Per Charge, China Says
Chinese Investment in Vietnam Doubles, As US Trade Eases
Carmakers Focus on Cost-Cutting to Rival Cheap Chinese EVs
Electric Vehicles Speeding up The Demise of the Oil Era: IEA
Only One Development Bank Vowing to Halt Funds for Fossil Fuels
Indonesia, ADB, Owners to Shut Coal Power Station Early
COP28: Over 110 Nations Join Deal to Triple Renewable Energy
China Lithium Prices to Tank in 2024 Amid Global Supply Surge
Hope for Early Deal on Climate Damage Fund as COP28 Opens
US Treasury Seen Limiting Chinese Role in EV Market – WSJ
Work on New Coal Plants Raises Doubt on China’s Climate Vows
China Seen Installing 230 GW of Solar & Wind Power in 2023 – PV

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