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Shanghai to Allow Faster Offshore Data Transfers for Foreign Firms
TSMC Plans Second Chip Fab in Japan Amid Rising Demand
Huawei, SMIC Set to Defy US Sanctions With 5nm Chips: FT
US Treasury Team Flies to China to Discuss Subsidies, Policies
Huawei Smartphone Output Hit, As Demand Soars For AI Chips
Foxconn Warns on AI Chip Shortage But Predicts ‘Better’ 2024
US Research Group Sues Japan’s Chip Materials Maker JSR
Missing Banker Bao Fan Resigns From China Renaissance – CNN
Asian Rivals Posing a Challenge to Apple’s iPhone Sales in China
China Asks Local Governments Not to Use Tech Funds to Pay Debt
Nvidia’s New AI Chip for China Priced Close to Huawei Alternative
US Accuses More Chinese Tech Firms of ‘Helping Beijing’s Military’

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