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Cool Reception for China Moves to Lift Sales of Cars, Electronics
India’s Tata to Build $5 Billion EV Battery Gigafactory in UK
BYD Proposes $1-Billion Plan to Build EVs, Batteries in India
Tesla in Talks to Set up EV Factory in India – ToI
China’s Exports Plunge 12% in June, Most in Three Years
China’s Gallium Curbs a Headache for EV Carmakers
Security Concerns Seen Undermining Yellen’s China Visit
Toyota Claims EV Battery Breakthrough – Guardian
US and India Sign Deals on Chips, Tech, Space and Defence
LFP Becoming the Battery of Choice for Electric Vehicles
Musk Meets Modi, Keen to Bring Tesla, Starlink to India Soon
China Extends $72bn Tax Break for Sale of EVs, Green Cars

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