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Japan’s Young Likely to Reject State Birth Push – Guardian

Young women are particularly wary of traditional childcare roles in Japan which require men to stay at work and women to stay at home, The Guardian said

Japan ended strict Covid-related border control measures on Saturday.


Japan’s new financial incentives aimed at encouraging citizens to have more children will likely fail to appeal to younger citizens, a report by The Guardian says, because young women are wary of traditional childcare roles that require men to stay at work and women to stay at home.

Government data showed that Japan suffered a record decrease of 644,000 in 2020-21 and that suggests the population could plunge from its current 125 million to an estimated 88 million in 2065 – a 30% decline – if new government subsidies failed to turn the growth pattern around, the report said. It noted that Japan news to boost the birth rate from 1.3 children per woman to 2.1 to keep the population stable, so more progressive policies may be needed.

Read the full report: The Guardian.



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