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Lithium Price May Soar Even Higher On Supply Shortage: BL

Some analysts fear the jump in prices of lithium, a key constituent of batteries that drive electric vehicles, could cool people’s adoption of electric vehicles

Lithium production site
A lithium production site is seen in Chile. Conventional minerals such as copper, cobalt, nickel and lithium present their own challenges due to the vast quantities needed to produce clean energy technology. File photo: Reuters.


Prices of lithium, a key constituent of batteries that drive electric vehicles, may increase further despite having soared 400% year­on-­year, a report in the Hindu Business Line said.

The surge in the prices of the mineral comes against the backdrop of a pickup in demand for EV battery materials, the report said, adding that this skyrocketing of prices may slow down people’s adoption of EVs.

UK- ­based Data analytics and consulting firm Global Data said in its “Thematic Research: Electric vehicle batteries (2021)” report that the core challenge for EV adoption is keeping the cost of a lithium­ ion battery as low as possible.

On the Trading Economics website, lithium carbonate is currently quoted at 197,500 yuan (around $30,600), up 401% year­-on-­year and 325% since the beginning of this year.


Read the full report: The Hindu Business Line.



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