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McKinsey Employees Demand Carbon Tally: NYT

Consultancy’s work is often not focused on reducing environmental impact, but instead on cutting costs, boosting productivity and increasing profits

McKinsey & Co's logo is seen at the Viva Tech conference in Paris. Photo: Reuters

More than 1,100 McKinsey & Co employees have signed an open letter to the consulting firm’s top partners, urging them to disclose how much carbon their clients spew into the atmosphere, The New York Times reported.

Among the 100 biggest corporate polluters over the past half-century, McKinsey has advised at least 43 in recent years, including BP, ExxonMobil, Gazprom and Saudi Aramco.

McKinsey’s work with these companies is often not focused on reducing their environmental impact, but rather on cutting costs, boosting productivity and increasing profits.

Read the full report: The New York Times


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George Russell

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