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MOF issues new guidelines on ‘fair competition’ in tenders

(ATF) – In a new measure to tighten central government control, all provincial-level financial bureaus have been given a new set of guidelines to promote “fair competition” and “optimize the business environment”.

The strengthening of central control under the auspices of anti-corruption is one of the keystones of the regime. 

Among the new rules is one to “improve transparency” by publishing government intentions on procurement early, in part to allow private enterprises to participate in tenders.

The scheme is being piloted first in the three main cities. From July 1, the central budget unit and the budget units at the same level in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen shall disclose their procurement intentions in accordance with regulations,” the directive reads

These procurement plans will be made publicly available. The system will be rolled out following the pilot schemes.

In future, procurement intentions will need to be publicized no later than 30 days before they begin, the MOF said. Central budget units are to publicise the work on the central main website of the Chinese Government Procurement Network (www.ccgp.gov.cn).

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Chris Gill

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