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Musk’s Links to US Military a Risk For Tesla in China – FT

China is concerned about Elon Musk’s ties to the US military and the role his satellites could play in a war in Asia, which means Tesla’s access to the Chinese market could be at risk

A growing list of shipping owners have been drawn to Musk's internet communications service provided by SpaceX's low-earth orbit satellites, a new report says.
The internet service provided by Starlink satellites is attracting a growing list of big shipping groups who want fast internet for crews on their vessels. File photo: Reuters.


Elon Musk’s intervention in the war in Ukraine – by rushing a load of Starlink satellite kits to boost the country’s internet network when it was under attack from the Russian army – won praise from the US military, but it caused “significant alarm in China,” according to a report by the Financial Times.

China’s military fears thousands of Starlink satellites “being deployed to conduct surveillance of China, or more sensitively, support Taiwan” as Beijing has become aware that low-earth orbit satellites can bolster communication systems during war, the report said, adding that this could mean security and data hawks looking at Musk’s access to the world’s biggest consumer market.

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